Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cher Sum Love's MEAN Biz Journey

My journey with the MEAN Business all began at the beginning of the year when I came across this photo on facebook of Shakti Sunfire and Jacqui Becker on January 3, 2014.  

I knew instantly this is exactly what I need,  I wanted to learn how to turn my passion into profit and jumped on the opportunity to get one of the last spots available in the first course that launched January 8th 2014.



Play your passion into profit?  

Business bootcamp for play professionals?

Shakti & Jacqui put together a 10-week course


Do you MEAN Biz?  

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start their own business or who already has a business to join the MEAN family.  Today I have completed the Play Your Passion Into Profit course.  My beautiful 10 week journey in this course has allowed me to connect with a community which has provided endless inspiration.  The program has helped me with prioritizing my goals in business, time management and provided tools for me to focus on achieving my true north. 

                             Take the first step & Take ACTION!

I have learned so much and have made new friends along the way! 
Heather Troy &
Follow on Twitter @Hoopcampretreat

An extra very special thanks to Lynsie who teamed up with me during the program as my partner as my "Accountabilliebuddy".  Follow her on twitter & stay tuned for her new website launch.  @LynsieLoveLight

Lynsie Love Light
Thank you Shakti, Jacqui and everyone in the course for your heart centred supportive awesomeness. 

It's a HAPPY MEAN Graduation for me today! 

Play Professional

Cheryl Lynn Summach aka Cher Sum Love
Owner/Director of Cher Sum Love Productions
Event Producer of Thrive Festival 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The FUN story of the making of the track "What About This?" to read to your kids.

Monkeying around the studio!
This story is dedicated to my adorable little nieces & nephew.
Annabelle & Johnny

DJ Brynn
DJ Georgia
                                                                    By Aunt Cher

Once Upon a Time....

There were 2 little monkey's named Cher Sum Love and Warren Monkey.

They lived together in a recording studio.

One day monkey Cher Sum Love decided to play with
 her concertina accordion
 that she inherited from her grandmother.

"I have a great idea!" Monkey Cher said.

"Let's record a music sample from my accordion and put it into a track!"


They recorded a video of recording the accordion.

*(Warning before watching this 12 second video below, 
 might be a loud annoying sound to the ears!)*  LOL

After a few attempts recording the sounds of the concertina accordion,
 they listened to the recorded samples.

"I like that!"  Monkey Cher said when she picked her favorite one.

Warren Monkey says "I have a great idea, how about you say
 "I like that" as a vocal for the track?   Let's record you saying, I like that!"  

Monkey Cher speaks into the mic...

"I Like that"... "I Like that"... "I Like that"... "I Like that"

she says over and over to record her voice.

Cher listening to her recorded voice...

"I don't Like that!  I don't like the sound of my voice!" 

"Can I try it again and maybe  try a whisper?

 She whispers into the microphone.... "What about this?" 

Whispering she records her voice softly...

"I Like that" ...."What about this?"..... "I Like that" ...."What about this?"

They monkeyed around the studio as Warren Monkey mixed up some beats 
adding the recorded sounds of the concertina accordion and Cher's whispers and just a few hours later a new track was created!

*This is the super duper FUN part when you stand up & get ready to DANCE!*

Dance like a silly monkey & don't forget
 to sing along & whisper!

Yay! Great dancing are you ready for an encore?
Here is a second version of the sample track!

Dance little Monkey's Dance!
It's fun to dance like a silly monkey!

Cher Sum Love & Warren Monkey
 lived happily ever after dancing around the studio:)


Saturday, 14 December 2013

Perfect gifts for Yogi's, Hoopdancers, Foodies, Fitness & Holistic Enthusiasts!

List of perfect gift ideas for Yogi's, Hoopdancers, Foodies, Fitness & Holistic Enthusiasts!

#1) Yoga & Hoopdance instructional video's, hoops & accesories!

Pranam Yoga and Hoopdance DVD:

Hoopdance Basics with Shakti Sunfire: 

Yoga gear by Dusky Leaf: 


HoopYogini Instant Video Downloads, Awaken - Instructional Videos with Jocelyn Gordon:



Hula Hoops & Fire Hoops by SynergyFlowArts:

Beginner Travel Hoops, Polypro Hoops, Pro Taped Hoops:

Fire Hoop:

Stocking Stuffers!
The Quick Wick:
Kevlar Sleeves:  
Kevlar sleeves ROCK! I own a pair and they are AMAZING! 

Hoop Revolution's Core Foundation DVD:

The Original EcoHoop & DVD Kit:

Check out Hoop Revolution's Store for more gift ideas:


#2) AWESOME gift ideas for foodies!
Travel glass water bottle, 
BBQ Accessories, 
Vegetarian Cookbook.

The Healthiest and Safest Water Bottle by Hope Stream:


BBQ accessories from Ontario Gas BBQ:

Weber Pizza Stone:

Weber Veggie Basket:
See more Gift Ideas from Ontario Gas BBQ:

Cookbook by the Shanti Retreat:  

Shanti at home Vegetarian Recipes Cookbook:


#3) ABSOLUTELY Lovely holistic jewelry & scents: 

Designs by Nature Gems: 
Flower of Life Pendant & Earrings,
Japanese Chainmaille. 


Auric Blends Perfume Oils:

My personal favorite is Egyptian Goddess!

Third Eye Pinecones:
Pendants & Necklaces.   


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                   Wishing You a Joyful Festive Season    
                Merry & Bright! ~ Love & Light! 

From Cheryl Lynn Summach aka Cher Sum Love 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

THRIVE Festival 2013

Cher Sum Love Productions
"inspire the human spirit"

        Sat. June 29th 2013.       
Music~Yoga~Hoop~Flow Arts

Family Friendly Festival 
  8:00am to Midnight
(Rain or Shine)

524 St. John's Rd East 
 Port Dover, Ontario.


      THRIVE   "inspire the human spirit"

In the jewel of Ontario's south coast, inspire the human spirit.

A thriving music arts and culture scene, can help strengthen community bonds building new relationships.

This gathering unites surrounding local creative communities by sharing our talents and celebrating the arts together.

Promoting awareness and appreciation of local artists, instructors and businesses releases a positive impact on our communities.

In providing a marketplace to showcase local artisans, and through live music, performances, workshops for all ages and levels, the gathering will inspire individuals and communities to THRIVE.
                                                                      by Cher Sum Love
     Fun for families and kids of all ages!

Come  explore Ontario's beautiful South Coast on Canada Day Long Weekend, so much to see and do!  Thrive Festival is a family friendly event located at 524 St John's Road East, Port Dover, Ontario between the Lynn Valley Trail and the Lynn River.  Thrive Festival welcomes you to a gathering in the beautiful surroundings of nature, for a joyful experience in a relaxed Eco-Friendly environment.

Enjoy an all day in and out access event with on site parking.  There is something fun for everyone throughout the day and evening so bring the entire family!  The event has a schedule of  family yoga, dance, spin jams, hoop & poi workshops with some guest speakers during the day.  There will be Live painting and local artisan vendors (no alcohol or food vendors) so please come prepared and bring a picnic, or you may want to check out the town for a bite to eat.  There is a variety of food options in the main downtown Port Dover beach area located within a short bike ride down the Lynn Valley Trail,  or a 20 min walking distance to town down the trail which is easily accessible from the Festival venue.

Bring your bicycle, fishing pole, frisbee, hack sack, bocce ball, swim suit, float tubes, hula hoops and flow toys as there is plenty of room on this gorgeus property to play all day.  Float on the river tubing or take a dip to cool off.  Stay for the evening celebration!  

There will be a fire spin jam to the soulful rhythmic beats of the drum circle under the night sky around the bonfire.  The entire family will enjoy a variety of incredible performances featuring the very lovely Julia Hartsell of hoopdrum and Live fire show with Fenyx Fyre, performances by Kim Ivey and Shantell Powell.  We encourage all flow artist performers in the community to come out and participate in the grand  finale flow artists & dance jam  with Warren Monkey.
Featuring Workshops and Performance by

Julia Hartsell Crews of hoopdrum

Multi - Level Hoop Workshop for all ages! Fire Saftey Workshop (Mandatory for fire spin jam participants and for those interested in the virgin burn).
Julia Hartsell Crews 
A life-long lover of dance, Julia started hooping in 
2001 and has been devoted to and evolving this spiraling artform and community of movers ever since.  A pioneer in the modern hoop dance movement, Julia is experienced in teaching all ages and loves witnessing the joy and transformation possible within the magical cocoon of the circle.  Her mystical movements and water-like flow entrance  inspire audiences.  Julia's approaches hooping with a deep sense of the sacred and an intention for sharing vicarious bliss to all present.
Julia and her partner Scott, also organize an annual hoop conference, Hoop Convergence, the first gathering of it's kind; perform with hoopdrum; own and operate The Flowjo, a movement sanctuary in Carrboro; and co-own Synergy Firehoops.  In addition to hooping, Julia practies poi, staff, partner acrobatics and dances her heat wide-open whenever possible.                               

Event Program:

Program created/designed by Cher Sum Love & Warren Monkey

List of  Vendors:

  • Basic Balance Massage, 
  • HOPE Stream, 
  • Designs by Nature Gems, 
  • Pi-II Cermanic Designs,
  • Earth Inspired Handcrafts, 
  • Yan Tan Tethera,
  • Meditation Cushions by Jenn Gedye, 
  • Synergy FlowArts,
  • Handmade by Cher Sum Love.

View website for vendor's links! 
Where to Stay?                         

There is a list of places to stay on the Port Dover Board of Trade website 

There are provincial park campgrounds at Turkey Point and Long Point which are a comfortable driving distance to Port Dover and a very popular place to stay on long weekends.  Make sure you book and reserve well in advance to avoid disappointment. 


                 Norfolk County: Ontario's South Coast

Birds eye view of beautiful Port Dover, Ontario

There are five palm trees on Port Dover beach on the shores of Lake Erie.  They plant them every     year, dig them up every year, winterize them, then plant them again.

Built in 1846 the lighthouse sits at the end of the West pier at Port Dover, Ontario at the mouth of the Lynn River on Lake Erie.  It is automated and was damaged by a lightening strike in 1981 but has been repaired.

 How to get to Port Dover?

 From Toronto:
  • Follow QEW West to Highway #403 to Hamilton
  • Follow Highway #403 west to exit Garner Road/ Hwy #6
  • Follow signs to Port Dover on Hwy #6 South
From Detroit/ Windsor:
  • Take the 401 East from the border all the way to Highway # 59.
  • Take # 59 South to Highway # 3 (at Delhi).
  • Go East on # 3 Highway until you reach the intersection of # 3 and # 24 Highways. North side of the town of Simcoe. (stop Lights).
  • Turn right at this intersection heading South on # 24 Highway through the town and onward to # 6 Highway.
Getting there from Buffalo:
  • Over the border at Fort Erie, take Highway # 3 West.
  • Take Highway # 3 until you reach the intersection of # 3 and # 6 Highways, at the Town Of Jarvis
  • Turn left at the intersection heading South
  • This Highway will bring you to Downtown Port Dover.

Come out and THRIVE with us:) NAMASTE